Wish list

New integrations and features are being planned and built from this wish list.
We will look at the number of votes an idea have and prioritize based on that.
When you vote, you will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😎

  • Allow AI to suggest more ideas when a user is adding variable options

  • Create a more detailed training course for all of the advanced functionality

  • Nuelink sv example. https://nuelink.com/img/dashboard/nuelink-csv-example.csv

  • When on a Brand page, provide an option to suggest campaign ideas

  • Implement the ability to turn a text request for a schedule into a valid cron schedule Example: https://cron-ai.vercel.app/

  • PostMaker to Webhook

    Allow users to create a Schedule on a Campaign and for a Webhook to be called on the schedule.

  • Images

    Hi! Are the images working? It just does not do anything for me, before they use to work! I hope all is well!